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Since this thread has been posted in the General Forum not the TNG forum I'll post something about TOS. You know how people's cabin doors open in TO when you just go near them like at the shopping centre, how come they didn't just open when people just walked down the corridors? I mean how did the doors know when you wanted to go in or when you were walking by. Or did they actually press buttons to go in - I can't remember this being the case.
The doors on the TOS Connies were made by the fine people of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation, and were very smart. They actually utilized some of the same mind-scanning technology that was in the TOS Universal Translator, and used it to determine your intent when approaching the door. If they saw that you intended to walk through the door, they would happily open and allow you to pass through unharmed. However, if they saw that you were in a state of emotional distress because your mother just stormed out of your quarters after an argument about giving your father a life-saving blood transfusion, and you just wanted to approach the door and forlornly rest your hand upon it so as to evoke a sense of pathos in whomever may be watching, they would obligingly stay closed in order to preserve the dramatic integrity of the moment.

And of course, they would sigh contentedly as they opened and closed. Because they just lived to open and close!
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