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Since this thread has been posted in the General Forum not the TNG forum I'll post something about TOS. You know how people's cabin doors open in TO when you just go near them like at the shopping centre, how come they didn't just open when people just walked down the corridors? I mean how did the doors know when you wanted to go in or when you were walking by. Or did they actually press buttons to go in - I can't remember this being the case.

I'm trying to think of this situation in say VOY but the camera angle in VOY always seemed to be from inside the cabin not from the corridor.
Space 1999 killed two birds with one stone with the commlock, which was part keyless-remote-entry and part communicator.

I seem to recall that you had to push a button to open a door on the NX-01 Enterprise, am I remembering this correctly? (I'm too lazy to pull it up on Netflix right now.)
The NX-01 was only a figment of Riker's shenanigans on the holodeck. You can not use that as a primary source. :-P
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