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Re: Kirk Enterprise - the Enterprise(a)?

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And THIS is the exact thing that happens when you spread all your deleted scenes out across multiple different platforms hoping people will buy the same film multiple times to see all of them.
Thanks a lot, moneymen
This has nothing to do with people buying multiple copies. Retailers pay for exclusives to get people in their doors. Paramount/Bad Robot would be stupid not to give the retailers what they want.
I'm sure it's been gone through ad infinitum and I don't want to derail this thread more than the current de-railing it's currently undergoing but retailers are stupid if they think DVD/Blu Ray extras are going to sway me from one store to another.

Personally, I LOVE a blooper reel and deleted scenes, they're my priority when it comes to extras.
But if they think I'm going to suddenly change my routine just to get them (either trek across town to a store that's one of the chain that has the DVD with those extras or change from physically purchasing to digitally purchasing, etc) then nope, like the majority of people I'm going to buy the main thing I intend to purchase (the film), see what extras I get then whine loudly about it on the internet until this B.S practice stops.

It's just the latest marketing gimmick from a dying industry trying to stave off death for yet another day.
Hopefully when a few more of these stores fall by the wayside there'll only be 1 main physical purchaser to go along with itunes and netflix and hopefully the extras roast won't have to be so thinly calved next time.
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