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You're right.
I think they have all been remastered, but only TWOK has been given the restoration treatment because the negatives were in such a bad shape.

I mean, they had to be remastered for the BD release ... otherwise they would have been SD upscales, right?
No, depends on what rez they were scanned at. The Bond films were mostly scanned at 4K by Lowery Digital a good ways back, so they are good to go for a ways to come.
I wouldn't say "mostly". Lowery only scanned a select group, 9 of the movies, at 4k. All the Connery movies, plus a few others they deemed needing the higher resolution.

Lowery is another company that is infamously heavy handed with DNR. And again the initial target for the project were the DVDs from the early-mid-2000s.

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Even 2K scans of the TREK films is plenty good enough for BR, so the stated notion that only TWOK has been remastered seems totally accurate to me. I guess you could look on or or some place like that for authentication.'s forum notes TWOK as having a 4K transfer.
I highly doubt TWOK was given a 4k transfer. The Blu-ray discs appear to have been done as cheaply as possible to coincide/cash-in-on the Abrams movie in 2009.
If they did, it's been ruined by DNR, and other processing. TWOK still looks very "cleaned up", not as bad the ones clearly reusing ancient transfers like TVH and TUC, but still not what a proper/well-done transfer of a 1982 film should look like.

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