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Re: STiD, Kirk and the Abrams Team

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If there was actually anyone who wanted "clones" of any of the old characters instead of just wanting good movies, I've certainly never observed them in the wild; they must have been a small cohort indeed. Watching you rant and rage at what appear to be the voices in your head is amusing, but AFAICS you still have absolutely no idea at all why other people say anything or believe anything. (Dr. Trull's speculations on what "audiences expect" or "audiences demand" are not much better.)
The voices in my head aren't anywhere numerous as the voices in yours; please stop trying to guess the state of my mental health due to...
Everyone can stop those right now.

If you (general "you") have a valid point to make, it ought to be possible to do so without speculations, suppositions, insinuations, etc. concerning the mental state of any other fans or fan groups. Just don't do that.
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