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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...


I'm 55yrs old, and I was (and still am) one of the die hards of ST:TOS. I grew up with ST:TOS, and saw the show when it originally aired, and the 3rd season when it was on past my bedtime, I snuck downstairs to the TV room and covered it with a blanket so I could watch without the light leaked out.

So, when they announced ST:TNG, I was one of the ones that who thought that nothing could compare to the original series.

After a slow start at the beginning, I really warmed up to th show, and I am so glad I was wrong about ST:TNG. There are so many things I liked, no loved about the show, and it's really hard to pick one charactor I loved more than any other. They were all so well crafted, that I have to say I loved them all, but if I was forced to pick one, it would have to be Barclay. He was so smart, so good at what he did, but it was so hard for him to communicate with other people, which is something that I can relate to. Once he had a crew who could actually believe in him, make allowances for his lack of interpersonal skills (Personally, I trully believe that Barklay is an Aspey, someone who (like me) has Asperger's syndrome) we all seen that Barlay really excelled and soared to newer heights in his profession.

In closing, ST:TOS will always be my first love (and in ST:TOS I loved Spock the best), but I have to say that if it's possible to have TWO loves, then ST:TNG is right there.
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