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I'm more bothered by the lack of double doors on turbolifts - yet somehow there are doors both in the cab when the camera follows the occupants and on the deck when it doesn't. Magic!
For sure, if I were designing the sets on future Star Trek productions, I'd definitely pay lip service to the real-life engineering of the "double doors" idea. Though I suspect the convenience of only having one set of doors was because they were notoriously hard to get working, so having to pull open two sets of doors was probably a stretch too far!

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The bathroom doors on the bridge don't open. They're just painted on the wall of the set. Seven years is a long time for Number One to have to hold in his Number Twos...
Well, if they WERE real, I'd want them to be made of the super-flimsy soundproof stuff, not the impenetrable-fortress sound-amplifying stuff, because nothing would be more embarrassing than having the sound of somebody's loud diarrhea filling the bridge in the midst of an ambassadorial tour.
Oh I don't know, if there's one thing that unites all life-forms (on Earth at least), then it's the need to poo. From the tallest giraffe to the smallest mouse, and all of us bipeds in-between, this is something that we all share in common with one another. So, I'd like to think that hearing the sound of humans in the toilet would convince our other worldly friends that we all share a common ground with them too. If anything, the sound of diarrhea coming from behind closed doors could be a subtle diplomatic tool that leads to multiple intergalactic treaties. The Federation had to start somewhere...
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