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Re: The Vulcan Sundering: Books vs TV episodes

Well the Last Unicorn Games RPG went into it, just take a look at Memory Beta

During 1270-1370 and this explanation wound not require a working warp drive.

Based on the hints in Beneath the Raptor's Wing, the war happed during the 20th century.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Actually the reference to when Vulcans returned to space was from an ENT episode. "Little Green Men" has Quark claim the Vulcans still didn't have warp drive as of 1947, but I wouldn't trust him as an authority on Vulcan history, so I go with the ENT figure instead.
So what are you basing your theory on?
Based on the comparison in The Forge, 100 years for humans and 1000 for Vulcan would optimistically mean that Vulcan had Warp 5 capability by the 15th century.

I take it back, it was 1500 years for Vulcans, I was using Vulcan years.
The end justifies the means. So do not put canon on a pedestal. We are here to talk Star Trek not only one of its facets.
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