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Re: STiD, Kirk and the Abrams Team

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please stop trying to guess the state of my mental health due to a supposition I made about fandom that anybody else would probably have also made. . .
"Anybody else" does not routinely and with maximum shrillness try to dismiss large swathes of fandom as nutcases via rather ironically nutty-sounding "suppositions" about their motives. You do. FWIW I am not really speculating on the state of your mental health, I'm sure you're as sane as any of us; I'm just pointing out how make yourself appear by constantly doing this.

Let me give you a bit more specific example:

Saying that Jar-Jar was racist when the guy who was the voice and the body was a black man
... actually, it's fallacious to say a character conception isn't racist because the guy playing it was black. It doesn't work that way. Minstrelsy and blackface were likewise produced by black entertainers like Bert Williams; that has nothing to do with whether the basic dynamic was racist, as black entertainers have been putting food on the table by selling black caricatures to whites for a long time. Jar Jar rubbed a lot of people the wrong way by being arguably just another iteration of that wrapped up in digital effects.

and saying the the Nemoidians were racist when the accent wasn't meant to be Japanese (or any other Asian race is proof of that apeshitness in the fans who hated it
The original Nemoidians of Phantom Menace were instantly recognizable to any number of critics, fans or not, as digitally-costumed Fu Manchu stereotypes out of the 1930s and 40s. The criticism doesn't come out of nowhere; if you're familiar with film and comic books from that era, the parallel is extremely obvious, whether or not it was "intended". And note that this criticism actually seemed to hit its mark: Lucas tacked away from the Fu Manchu accents for most of the Nemoidians, save those who'd already been established, in subsequent films.

For the reasons I've just outlined, trying to dismiss the above points as "apeshitness" looks like exactly the kind of thoughtless, kneejerk reaction you claim to be criticizing.
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