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Re: Small things you'd've liked to've happened in TNG

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On the other hand, we have the so British Captain from Franche-Comté. There's no problem with the absence of French stereotypes, but he's not even able to say his name. At least, don't make him always drinking tea.
Perhaps they could have replaced the Earl Grey and Shakespeare with Coffee and Voltaire?
Shakespeare is not so much a problem, he has a lot of francophone readers. Picard's habits are simply too modeled on what Stewart appreciates. I would have hired Thermians of Galaxy Quest to developp a more frenchy character. They really convinced me with the food scene. Or renaming him John-Locke Picker. (Of course, Picard is not Picker in french. A Picard is a dude from Picardie. There's also a lot of Huron-Wendot called Picard...WHO SAID SHUT UP!?!?!)
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