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Re: The Vulcan Sundering: Books vs TV episodes

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Yeah, but you'd think that if the Vulcans had been at war with the Romulans for a century in that period, then somewhere along the way they would've discovered what Romulans looked like. I can buy the Vulcan government knowing and keeping the secret if there'd been very limited interaction since the Sundering, but not if there'd been a century-long war.

Besides, the Vulcans only returned to space in the 19th century, some 300 years before Enterprise. And yet their primary enemy from the mid-20th century onward was the Andorians.
Ah, good point. I forgot about Little Green Men(As perhaps did the scriptwriter of Death Wish...).

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I can find no such dialogue in that scene, or indeed anywhere in Spock's World.
Just got home and yeah, you're right. I conflated the talk of how fast earth vessels were with whatever book talked about a war. It's really going to bug me trying to recall which book it's from. No doubt I'll reread it some day in the future & kick myself.
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