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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Eh, who's worried about not carrying their weight? I chip in when I can, or when I've got whatever is being looked for. If I come into some loot that I sell, I'll buy a DOFF pack and toss it in the chipper. Sure i'm not in the top couple contributors, but it's not really that kind of fleet, and no one is hounding people, or prioritizing seniority or rank based on contributions.

Just seems like a giant waste compared to contributing to the established Fleet. Surely THIS level of interaction isn't too much; we're pretty hands off. Sure, it'll be all yours, but it won't ever be much of anything, so what's the difference? We've come along nicely, if slowly, quitting right when we're making a dent seems silly. And the base is empty most of the time, RP away.
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