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Too the poster who says paramount doesn't care about it's bluray releases, what utter nonesense. ST still makes money in all it's incarnations, new releases of the old movies on bluray continue to appear on shelves in stores. A remaster of STII and STII is on bluray. It poured money into the STNG blurays to re-edit them fromscratch. Star Trek 09 went back onto the top 20 blurays sales chart after STID was released in the theaters, then on video. I also saw STNG on the top 15 sales chart chart several times. There's a DE for STII on bluray. If there is a market like this, then they have reason to work on them.
Slight problem with that argument. The movies and television series are being run by two different studios. Paramount is in charge of the movies, while CBS is in charge of the television series. And despite Trek09 being a fantastic BluRay, the Star Trek Into Darkness BluRay is no where near as good. Bonus features were split up as retailer exclusives and immersive features like the visual commentary and the Imax aspect ratio being iTunes exclusives (and not even in 1080p).

So in retrospect, CBS is the one pouring a lot of money and resources into presenting Star Trek in the best possible way while Paramount is still sticking with the work they did on the movies in 2009 and nothing beyond that.

And no, there is no BluRay of the Director's Edition of The Wrath of Khan. Also, the film is now starch blue.
Paramount produced brand new versions of blurays and remastered at least several for the release, so that's STILL supporting the movies franchise(s).

STID's bluray was a marketing scheme and in no way make the release or desire to acquire it different to the majority of consumers, who do not watch most of the special features anyway.

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