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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Because I want a project I feel I can contribute to as and when I like without worrying that I'm not pulling my weight. I'm also heavily into an RP vibe for this character that he is an independent spirit. Even if it takes a long time, it would add to that sense of "self-made man". Just unfortunate that I need to ask for help to start the fleet up.
Then don't think of it as asking for help. Pay your helpers a pittance, and take the RP stance of having hired mercenaries for a task.
Except you can't transfer dilithium to other players directly. EC is the currency for that.

Well, a pittance isn't mandatory, I'm sure I could chuck a few thousand dilithium at anyone willing to help (say 4-5k each?).
Except you can't transfer dilithium to other players. EC is what you need for that.
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