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What if they used their tech to the fullest?

Nemesis gave us rank pip-sized transporters. TNG and ST'09 gave us a software patch that gives extremely extreme range. The Kelvans gave us superwarp drive. Voyager gave us infinity warp (with icky side effects... which were cured). Barclay upped the Enterprise's shield strength by 300% with a software patch. Transporters have cured ageing and all disease. We can time travel via a number of means. Old Janeway gave us invincible batmobile armour and super duper torpedoes. Best of Both Worlds gave us a mega super deflector beam of death. Transporters can duplicate people. We can create sentient holograms on a whim, or use ancient machines to create android duplicates. Kirk and Spock drank a serum to unlock telekinetic powers.

Putting aside the silliness of some of these, what would the Trekverse look like if they actually moved forward with all their technological advancements instead of conveniently forgetting them at the end of each episode? Immortal telekinetic humans teleporting across the galaxy at the tap of a pip? Starships blinking across the universe at infinite speed, with weapons and defensive technology far is advance of anything else out there?
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