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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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great- 60% through Tomb Raider Anniversary on the 360, and *now* it turns out that the fucking disc is borked. Which I bought about five or six weeks back. Half the time it goes "disc is unreadable, clean it with a soft cloth", and the other half it just locks up, always at the same checkpoint. Fuck knows where the receipt is, and who'd fucking accept a change that late anyway?

You never see people note that that's a problem with games - with a CD or DVD or whatever, you can skip through all the tracks or chapters, and see that it works all the way, but with a game it could be ages before you get to the fucked bit.

So, that's 7 I'll never get back for half a fucking game I'll never fucking finish, and Amazon is still asking 38 for it, so fuck that.
Have you tried installing it?
I'm going to try that tonight.

ETA- tried it, it got to about 25% then told me the disc couldn't be read. Fuck.
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