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Dubious Doors

Okay, so I have a technical question that's been bugging me the last couple of days. Throughout the run of Star Trek: The Next Generation, we've been painted an inconsistent picture of the durability and construction method of the doors aboard the Enterprise-D. In some episodes, doors are portrayed as being impenetrable barriers which cannot be pried open by even the strongest android or the most determined Klingon warrior, while in other episodes they're shown to be flimsy affairs, which can be so easily destroyed that a human being can be thrown through them with no long-lasting ill effects.

And then there's the matter of soundproofing. It seems as though the same doors that can be wrecked with the slightest touch are also completely soundproof - we see an example of this when an elderly Admiral is throwing Riker around in his quarters, and nobody out in the corridor seems to hear it, yet in other episodes, there are doors through which screaming can clearly be heard, but the doors have to be unlocked before anyone can enter. And the time that Geordi went for a ride on an out-of-control turbolift, everyone on the bridge acted surprised when he came flying out of the lift sideways at the end of the ordeal. Apparently, no one heard him screaming the entire way up the shaft, nor did they hear the wildly out-of-control turbolift.

And what about the bathroom doors on the Enterprise bridge? We never seem to hear loud alien flatulence echoing through them, yet they must not be the indestructible type, since Our Heroes never once used the bathroom as an emergency shelter.

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