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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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I've been meaning to ask one thing. The first edition erroneously claimed that Bruce Hyde appeared in 'The Man Trap,' which I pretty quickly debunked. Did Cushman revise this claim in the second edition or, like his 'Alternative Factor' claim (which I was also critical of) stick with it?
It is interesting. The passage reads as if he has some background information. He mentions the scene has been shot during The Naked Time's shooting week as a "pick-up", which is an extreme feat of speculation if all he has to go by is that he "recognizes" Bruce Hyde in the episode. Even if it had been Hyde and not Albright, that doesn't lead naturally to the fact that it was filmed as a pick-up.

It seems likely that some scene for The Man Trap was filmed during The Naked Time, but that this one is not it.
Based on what evidence?

Information given about the scene has already shown to be wrong, and speculation about why someone wrote what they did doesn't constitute evidence.

If such a scene exists, what is it?
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