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Re: Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself

MoS in biology with a solid knowledge - but no degrees - in pharmacology and medicine.
Originally, I'm a geneticist and botanist (& certified landscape gardener - did that to earn the money to afford University) but have been working as a limnologist at the Ministery For Man And The Environment for almost 25 years now and I've grown pretty good at it (as people usually do when they have a job they like)
Since experts for aquatic scavengers are a somewhat rare species, I occasionally work as forensic entomologist.

In private I'm rather an Epicurean: I enjoy life in all its beautiful manifestations, such as butterflies, flowers, interesting discussions, chocolate, handsome men etc. . If you ever find me without a book I'll very likely be dead.

I've always had a strong interest in physics and astronomy and spend most clear nights on my dad's telescope (favourite objects: Sol, Luna, Jupiter).
As the daughter of an IT pioneer I rather automatically accumulated some computer knowledge which comes handy for my 2nd hobby: I'm techAdmin on 3 phpBB-boards.

I'm a pacifist to the core. Life is too wonderful to throw it away for no other reason than being comanded to do so by politicians who are too stupid to solve their problems by talking them out!
Just that I don't like to fight doesn't mean that I can't: Hobby #3: sword fencing, archery & riding.

Atm I am training for a fundraiser marathon for the local children's hospital in September 2014. So far I've never run more than 1/4 marathon and in the aftermath of a leg fracture I'll have to undergo a surgery in January or February and then shall have to start my training at zero again. Training tips from seasoned runners amongst you would be highly welcome!!

(warning: I have a rather dark sense of humour and often make fun of myself as well. Don't be offended and in doubt please PM me if you're not sure whether I am serious or not. I try to mark humour by smilies but occasionally forget to do so)
a hug a day keeps the psychiatrist away

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