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Re: Hallmark 2013 Kelvin Christmas Ornament question(s)...

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I just bought one of these, it was the 2nd to the last one in the store still in a box (and that one had a very noticable paint defect) but I didn't test it out until I got home, and I didn't play with the display model first (like I did before a few weeks ago.) And I wanna make sure mine still works, or if I need to find another Hallmark that *hopefully* might still have try to trade it for the floor model!)

(I would just go back to the store - or another - but I have no car so it means a LONG bus ride to any Hallmark - after calling around to find one that might still have the ornament in stock - I would have bought it earlier, but I was in the hospital.)


1. Is it supposed to make any noises. I though I remembered the floor model did - but I may have imagined it.
The Kelvin ornament does not make any sounds.

2. That strip on the bottom of the saucer section doesn't light up, does it? It's looks just like black paint, but I thought I remembered a light - but again, I am probaby imagining it.
I'll be honest, I haven't actually put the batteries in mine, because I don't normally bother with the light-up feature. But judging by this YouTube video, the strip you refer to does not light up.

3. Tiny defects in these are unavoidable, aren't they?

I looked at mine up close when I got home last night, and the engineeringing section was glued down but there's a slight slant to on it was press down to dry in proper place on one side, but the other it wasn't, and there is a *tiny* line where you can see that it wasn't glued in *quite* straight...but I figure I am obsessing over nothing, and even if I find's will have some other flaw.

Plus, maybe this is a common flaw, and those of you who bought the ornaments may have noticed it I wanted to ask.
I don't notice that particular flaw on mine. (But TBH if it was really small, I just might not be able to see it properly.)

Is this something that YOU would take it back over...? I mean, it's just a Christmas tree ornament - but then again, it's cost like $36!!!!
Me? Probably not. But it's really up to you... it's your money, so you have to do what will make you happy. And although I probably wouldn't personally return the ornament for the flaw you described, I have exchanged other things in the past for minor issues that bugged me that other people probably would think were nothing!

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