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Re: Funky Enterprise jacket

Thanks Gaith!

The reasoning behind the jacket being a flight jacket with patches was really to create a jacket that felt like it came from the test pilot culture seen in "First Flight", AND it felt cheesy to take the Enterprise Jumpsuit (that we are going to do) and simply cut it in half. This way we designed a jacket that could be worn WITH the jumpsuit by adding a new piece to the uniform suite. Something that felt right, and was something actually designed for Jon Archer that he would have worn during the NX-Project. That's why we also called in Doug Drexler and Mike Okuda to ensure that we were on the right path.

But that was only a part of it.
We also wanted to give the fans something that they might feel free wearing on their way out of the door to the market. I'm sad to see people say that they would be afraid to wear something like this for fear of ridicule. The funny thing is that between the end of my USAF career and becoming a product designer for Anovos, I was a Social Media manager for them and over the last year I've been told, reported, and have found this to be the truth first hand; that in the year 2013 you can be who you want, wear what you want, and guess what?

I have worn my TOS tunics or BSG jackets, or any one of the amazing things I have in my closet (I do have one of the coolest jobs on the planet) along with my Levi 501s and Doc Martens 1460s to some of the trendiest places in LA, New York, and in my home town of Las Vegas, and never once gotten a disparaging comment. Rather the opposite. Those who are NOT fans, by and large don't recognize what I'm wearing, and those who are fans, want to know where I got my stuff. Seriously. Remember all those After School Specials in the '80's that told us to be ourselves? They were right, it's not only more fun, but I have literally made new friends because someone recognized my Battlestar jacket, or a Star Trek tunic, and they turned out to be fans too.

By and large if people would just lose a bit of useless self consciousness, they might find that they have more fun.

Life is too short to worry about what somebody else's problem might be with what you're wearing.

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