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Re: Gravity - Review and Discussion Thread

I finally saw it last night, in 3-D no less. And it was fracking amazing. And as I left the theatre I realized that I was feeling something I rarely feel leaving the theatre these days, at least after watching a big budget action film: the simple, uncomplicated joy of having watched an action movie that was well-made in every way.

What did it do that I liked? What it deliver that I had been missing, or restrain itself from delivering that I really didn't want?

In a way, despite its cutting-edge effects and small cast, Gravity is a rather old-fashioned, back-to-basics bit of movie-making, delivering spectacle without discarding craft. And it's nice to see this rewarded by over $640 million in box office revenue worldwide. (Next time you hear someone defend schlocky plots and writing in SF as a necessity for making money, Gravity is a good one to remember. )

It gets an A+ from me.
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