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Re: Once Upon A Time Season 3

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Why do people keep thinking the characters lost their memory? It's pretty evident from the teaser for the second half of the season that they didn't.
Well not all of us like to watch the teasers for the following episode. When Regina talks about Storybrooke being erased and everyone going back as if "none of it ever happened," it's only natural to assume she was referring to the fairytale characters as well.

Do you like to watch the END of the episodes you're currently watching? Because Hook showed up at the end, and clearly hadn't forgotten everything. Even tried the 'true love's kiss' bit on Emma, just in case. Although, was disappointed in the result He knew what was going on, only Emma and Henry have forgotten. They were going to lose THEIR memories either way, so Regina gave them fake ones so that they'd have something and not just be strangers to each other. Actually, without Storybrook memories, Henry would likely just be a vegetable or blank slate, as he'd have NO other memories at all, since birth...
It's been an entire year. Something could have happened to give Hook and/or the others their memories back. My guess is that they all lost their storybrooke memories and that we'll get a few episodes (possibly in flashbacks) in which we see one character with returned memories fighting to get everybody else's memories back.

One interesting possibility: are Pan and Rumple really dead if Storybrooke never existed? Will we see Rumple returned to his green pre-redeemed form with no memory of having given up his life for a good cause? Reality was altered, after all. It's just a question of how far the writers want to take it.

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