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Re: STiD, Kirk and the Abrams Team

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Like I said before, some fans think it's a religion, with a founding moment that can't be violated, ever.
This continues to sound quite crazy every time you repeat it, BTW. Just FYI. Also of a piece with stuff like this:

It seems that the Star Wars franchise has the same kind of fans that we hate in the Star Trek trilogy that hate the new movies.
I'm not sure what you mean by "we," but I for one am glad that really few Trek BBSers are nuts enough to actually hate someone for having different tastes than theirs. That would be like me saying I "hate" you for liking AbramsTrek -- that would sound a bit nuts, wouldn't it?

What 'prequel debacle'?
I think that was the one where the movies mostly sucked, despite being profitable. You see, sometimes a thing can be a financial success but an artistic failure, which means people don't look on it with fondness after having shelled out their hard-earned to watch it. (And if you can't conceive of a way that might happen that doesn't involve those people being crazy religious fanatics out to piss in your cornflakes, it's likely that the problem is you.)
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