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Re: The TWOK Enterprise's torpedo bay revisited

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(however, like with the TOS Enterprise, I don't think we are looking at a landing bay control room but rather at the control room for both aft phasers. Notice the two top windows that would allow a quick evaluation of a phaser beam emanating from either the port or starboard aft phaser)

I entirely disagree with this assessment. First of all, unless the beam was firing basically straight back, there's no way a person stationed behind those red windows would ever actually see the beam coming off of the phaser turrets. Secondly, exactly zero of the ship's other eight phaser bank emplacements have corresponding viewports, lit red or otherwise.
That's not exactly correct. To test a phaser beam and - if useful - perform a visual scaning there are plenty of viewports above or below possible phaser beam trajectories (even the windows of the botanical section for the engineering hull ventral phasers). There is no way to do a visual scan that close to the stern except through these two viewports

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I am quite comfortable with this area being the control tower for incoming and outgoing shuttlecraft, as has mostly been assumed these past three decades.
That's were I beg to differ. As a landing control tower it's impractical because you won't be able to see how the shuttlecraft actually lands or takes off. For that we have the observation or landing bay control deck inside which would make an outer control tower rather redundant, IMHO.


@ Workbee

Good observations!
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