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Re: What if Garrett Wang had left Voyager instead of Jennifer Lien?

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Well, at least they didn't dump Jake Sisko, they didn't turn him into a psycho who were planning to kill everybody on the station, including his father and they didn't turn him into a whimpy wreck determined to go home to Earth to live in a cave either.
That would be incorrect. "The Reckoning" & "The Visitor" or "Nor the Battle to the Strong" both of those things happened to Jake.
Not to mention that they didn't dump anyone when Worf was brought in.
No need to mention it, before Worf joined DS9 only had 8 main cast members allowing them the budget to add one more.

As a big fan of Jadzia Dax while I was sad to see her go, I accept the character is dead and have no problems with main characters being killed off on the programs I watch especially since death of main characters on TV shows is becoming more & more common.
I haven't watched all episodses of DS9 yet but what I know, in all cases mentioned above, Jake was restored back to normal. The series didn't end with him remaining a psycho or a pathetic wreck.

If the budget was so tight for Voyager that they couldn't have 10 main character (which I doubt) then maybe they shouldn't have started dabbling with the cast and instead had worked with what they already had (which was a good cast indeed).

Even if you accept favorite characters being killed off, then please try to understand and respect those who feels different, especially when it comes to how "the Kes issue" was handled by those in charge.

Personally I learned a few things from Voyager which made me create two rules for watching a series:

1. Don't ever get too involved with a series and/or its characters because it might end up in a big dissapointment.

2. If a main character is killed off or dumped in a way you feel inappropriate, quit watching the series immediately and never look back.
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