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Hallmark 2013 Kelvin Christmas Ornament question(s)...

I just bought one of these, it was the 2nd to the last one in the store still in a box (and that one had a very noticable paint defect) but I didn't test it out until I got home, and I didn't play with the display model first (like I did before a few weeks ago.) And I wanna make sure mine still works, or if I need to find another Hallmark that *hopefully* might still have try to trade it for the floor model!)

(I would just go back to the store - or another - but I have no car so it means a LONG bus ride to any Hallmark - after calling around to find one that might still have the ornament in stock - I would have bought it earlier, but I was in the hospital.)


1. Is it supposed to make any noises. I though I remembered the floor model did - but I may have imagined it.

2. That strip on the bottom of the saucer section doesn't light up, does it? It's looks just like black paint, but I thought I remembered a light - but again, I am probaby imagining it.

3. Tiny defects in these are unavoidable, aren't they? I looked at mine up close when I got home last night, and the engineeringing section was glued down but there's a slight slant to on it was press down to dry in proper place on one side, but the other it wasn't, and there is a *tiny* line where you can see that it wasn't glued in *quite* straight...but I figure I am obsessing over nothing, and even if I find's will have some other flaw.

Plus, maybe this is a common flaw, and those of you who bought the ornaments may have noticed it I wanted to ask.

Is this something that YOU would take it back over...? I mean, it's just a Christmas tree ornament - but then again, it's cost like $36!!!!

(I know I am obsessing a bit - I have I do this...)
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