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Re: Mars One - Unethical?


The paper I lined to regarding the beneficial net effects of climate change is a synthesis of ALL peer-reviewed papers published on the subject - until the date of its publication, that is.
Here you go - the paper, again:
Look up the references yourself.

And also look up the 2013 IPCC report, verify the figures I wrote here. Then take the global annual CO2 emissions - from UN, wiki, etc - and make the multiplication yourself.

As for what misogyny has to do with this. My mistake. The word I was looking for was misantropism. As for what it has to do with anything - let's take for example, GM food:
Links embedded in the article.
Greenpeace knows millions of children die every year in Asia due to vitamin A deficiency (unles its members lived in a cave on Mars for the last 50 years), knows GM food is safe (all studies converge on this conclusion) but still opposes GM food because it's not 'natural'. And who cares about the human suffering their actions generate?
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