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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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^ the DE model isn't extremely accurate tho (great for SD in 2001.)
One example:
Notice the extreme hump on the TB superstructure and the horizontal top and up-sloped bottom of the "photon exhaust" in the image in this post (compare to seam above as well as deck lines you overlayed.)
Yes, I've acknowledged in a previous post that the TB section has some inaccuracies.
Not the only area with inaccuracies. Other changes include flattened complex surfaces (like the top of the TB bay and on the lower sensor dome "boxes"), window placement, and structural shapes (like the 3 protrusions around the deflector dish.) And I use the word changes here because some variations could be deliberate. Not hard to imagine the desire to reduce polygons so the rendering times could be increased on that turn-of-the-century technology LOL.

I only partially agree with you.
And I don't have a problem with that. This place would be boring if we all agreed LOL. Seriously though, I come here to exchange ideas and see different perspectives, not litigate differences of opinion.
IMO, this CG model is in orthographic view and as you noted, appeared in the DE film. We can make an accurate statement about this CG Enterprise as a representative of the refit Enterprise whereas we cannot make such a claim of the perspective-distorted photos and screen captures.
And normally I would agree with you about the value of orthos, if this CG model was a decent representation of the primary filming model. IMO, it is not and using it (to me anyway) is akin to using the AMT model to make judgments about the TOS filming model.

(and FWIW the front and back views are not true orthos; you can see the effects of perspective on the engines.)
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