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Re: Has Star Trek had more hours made for the screen than any other?

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Unfortunately, there are only seven original audio dramas of Star Trek. So Trek way outpaces Who in print, but Who blows Star Trek away in audio productions.
There are more than seven. Peter Pan/Power Records produced eleven different "Star Trek Story Records" adventures, seven based on TOS and four based on TMP (and six of the eleven were released in comics form alongside the records). And Simon & Schuster published three original Captain Sulu Adventures in 1994-5, as well as the two Spock vs. Q audiobooks produced by Alien Voices. That makes sixteen in all.

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I would love for Big Finish to produce some audio Treks Unfortunately, CBS and Paramount are way protective right now, which seems to be why we can't get another TV series. Plus, CBS and Paramount would probably demand that it be set in the Abramsverse.
Bad Robot probably would, but I don't think CBS would. If anything, it might be considered preferable to keep the audios in the original continuity so there was no conflict with the Abramsverse -- much like the Big Finish Doctor Who audios only have the license to classic Doctors.
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