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Re: Between thirty and thirty-five million dead in the Eugenics Wars

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Would Indians and Southeast Asians have been generally aware of Khan's rule? The rulers, certainly, but would they admit their fatal weaknesses to the general public or even other governments if they could avoid it?
As I recall, Khan had his own palace in the book. It's not like he was hidden in some underground lair the whole time. There was a community he ruled over directly.

I think the best way to reconcile the books with the canon is to assume the wars were not an absolute secret, that they were at least somewhat open even if the full underlying story of the genetic augmentations of these disruptive and powerful figures was not discovered until much later. And I think the books allow for that interpretation, because the "secret history" angle is not aggressively asserted, more just implied. As I recall it, Gary and Roberta are more concerned with containing the damage than with creating cover stories and hiding the truth. If you want to read it as a secret history, the duology allows for that interpretation, of course; but I think it also allows for the interpretation that the wars were somewhat more overt than that, and that's what the canon evidence tends to support. I'd rather finesse the details of the book here and there to keep it reasonably consistent with canon than insist on a slavish reading that would make it incompatible with canon. After all, lots of canon itself requires glossing over details in order to pretend that stories fit together.

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I admit I wist the term "Augment" had been established prior to me writing those books. Would've saved me from typing "genetically-engineered superhuman" over and over again.
There was a time many years ago when I briefly considered the possibility of "Augmen" as a term for enhanced humans (as in "augmented men") -- I'm not sure whether it was for the Only Superhuman universe or one of the hypothetical comic-book universes I came up with back then. Either way, I ultimately decided it was too inelegant. But "Augments" works pretty well.
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