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According to the plans the widest portion of the torpedo deck is the very front, but in photos from head-on you can see that that isn't the case, otherwise the very front of the assembly would always be visibly wider that what's behind it, and it ain't.
Yes, there is some "relief" as the torpedo bay housing gets to the launchers, that's equally absent in the David Kimble blueprints (and exagerrated in the DE CGI Version, IMO).

Also, the placement of the dorsal windows is idealized. We can see in a couple of screenshots that there is space between the upper and the two lower window rows.

Almost seems to me that it's easy to research which set of earlier blueprints provided the base to make the necessary modifications and corrections.
It'd be easier to know at what points on the physical ship the measurements were made so we can determine how far off the inaccuracies are to make the corrections.

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Back to the issue of this thread, I found the top view of the engineering hull very interesting, where the dorsal's stern is wider than the bow, which is apparently correct.
You should look at Slice #2 on the dorsal as the dorsal's stern at the base is about the same width as the bow. Are you looking at Slice #1 where the "torpedo vent" has been omitted thinking that the dorsal stern (at the base) is wider than the bow?
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