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Re: The TWOK Enterprise's torpedo bay revisited

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To me this somehow doesn't sound right. The Enterprise underwent a major refit with considerable state-of-the-art upgrades one decade earlier and by the time of TWOK she qualifies no longer as a starship of the line but has been downgraded to a cadet vessel?
I preferred it when Enterprise was state of the art in TMP... One of the very few things I didnt like about WOK.
Technically there isn't anything about the Enterprise that appears to be out-dated in TWOK. Yes, Admiral Morrow calls out her age, but we're not given anything specifically wrong with the Enterprise in TSFS other than the political hot potato that was going on.

As far as state-of-the-art ships being used for training, the Defiant-class USS Valiant was being used in DS9 so it's not unheard of.

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The automated system makes much more sense, I think I remember the author of Mr Scotts Guide rationalised it that there had been issues with the automated system so it was removed (over heating or something).

The way these torpedoes are shown being loaded do cause a problem with the idea the ship can fire in quick succession, something which also appeared in the set design of the NX-01 armoury = how do they quickly reload the individually Spacial Torpedoes or restock the Photonic Torpedo magazine?
The theory that has been around for a while is that the loading rail in TWOK / TUC feeds a multi-round magazine at the each launcher to facilitate rapid-firing.
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