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Re: Paul Dini: Superhero Cartoon Producers don't want girl viewers

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Certainly, as CBS has learned, an older skewing demographic isn't all bad. At least, they've managed to make it work.
The problem with this, as many people have said, is when said viewership dies off and won't be there to watch said programing, as was mentioned in an article about Japanese manga:

In the early 1980s in Japan, the graying of manga fans who had grown up in the previous decade was a good thing that gave birth to new types of manga like Morning magazine (manga about cooking! Golf! Fine wines! Lawyers!) and other j˘sei and dansei (women's and men's) manga.

Since then, other new magazines have also targeted older and older readers, such as Comic Ran (a magazine of samurai-era manga) and Comic Ryu (a revival of an early '80s sci-fi magazine, which was sold in some stores with the advisory "recommended for ages 30 and up"). Seimu Yoshizaki's Kingyo Used Books, a manga about a used manga store, shows the shift in cultural perceptions: the whole focus is on nostalgia for the '70s and '80s and the manga which were popular then, as if manga were a generational thing like pogs or breakdancing.

But if you don't cultivate a young readership, your audience will simply die off, like Weekly Comic Bunch, the 2001-2010 magazine whose biggest draws were sequels to '80s manga Fist of the North Star and City Hunter. Big Gold, another magazine specifically targeted at older readers, was canceled in 1999; a Japanese editor joked to me that it had been canceled "because all the readers died."
Why Manga Publishing Is Dying (And How It Could Get Better)

What happened in that instance will happen here with TV. And that's why networks are pursuing younger viewers. (This was also mentioned in an earlier thread about the merchandising of the original Star Trek vs. the new movies.)
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