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Re: Haven Season 4 (Spoilers)

Well, the show certainly has changed since it began. That's not necessarily a bad thing (look at B5), but I really hope we get some answers that make sense. This would be a really bad time for Sciffy to cancel it.

I really want to know what's on the other side of that portal. I've assumed that it's another world similar to ours, but with magic or high-tech or something. This episode implied something more Lovecraftian. And why does it send Dave into a trance to draw him in? And how does he get back? Why doesn't it happen to Jennifer or Audrey?

At least now we know that Agent Howard represented law enforcement on the other side (so it can't be that bad), and that Mara's multiple identities represent punishment or community service.

So now Jennifer is apparently dead, Duke is terminal, Audrey is wiped away, and Dave has gone totally off the rails. And apparently with good reason. He was right about opening the door before, so he's probably right now.
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