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Re: STiD, Kirk and the Abrams Team

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Gene Rodenberry was a visionary,
MLK was a visionary. Roddenberry used an easily palatable tag-line to help peddle his wares and started to believe his own rhetoric late in his life.
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I'm thankful that the other fandoms I'm in don't have ideologies, I wish Trek would drop it as well. Trek is a franchise with some good stories, that's about it. It isn't a guide map to our future or even realistic on any level.
Like I said before, some fans think it's a religion, with a founding moment that can't be violated, ever. And we've seen that with reactions to the new movies and TWOK.

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I think, after the prequel debacle and with Disney's oversight, there is a better than good chance the SW movies are going to be out of this world.
What 'prequel debacle'? The movies were one of the most successful trilogies in recent history, breaking (surpassing) the box office records of the previous trilogy, and creating a whole new generation of fans, not to mention injecting the franchise with new energy by going back to the past and giving us new concepts like Clone Troopers, Padwans, and the best female Star Wars characters since Leia herself, Ahsoka Tano and Leia's mom Padme! Who are these fans that think that the Prequel Trilogy was/is a failure, and why should I care what they have to say?

Also, if the movies are so bad then why is Disney making more? (I know that the prequel trilogy counts as a popular failure to most, but it doesn't to me.) It seems that the Star Wars franchise has the same kind of fans that we hate in the Star Trek trilogy that hate the new movies.
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