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Re: US retreat leaves China leading way in race to return to Moon

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USA put men on the moon ~50 years ago and now, it can't put a rover on the moon because of an already completed transport and landing on Mars) which will have no follow-up)?
What does one mission have to do with the other? NASA hasn't sent a rover to the moon because they have no interest in doing so, not because it takes 20 years (according to you) to do so. Mars is what NASA is more interested in now, not the moon. So there will definitely be a follow up.

It cannot put a rover on the moon because it does not have the necessary hardware and it needs 20 years to create it.
Again, where are you getting this 20 year figure from? Did it take 20 years to build Curiosity? No. Did it take 20 years to build Spirit and Opportunity? No. And any of those rovers could have been sent to the moon had NASA been so inclined, and with a much easier set of circumstances. But they went to Mars instead for the reasons above.

Because, after said lunar landings, it not only stopped going forward, it went in full reverse.
So you consider the exploration of Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and all their subsequent moons going "in full reverse" from exploration of the moon?

Nowadays, in space related matters, USA is a has been, limited to orbital space, comforting itself with memories of its golden age.
I didn't realize that the Russians, Europeans, Japanese, Chinese and Indians have sent men beyond orbital space while Americans have just been limited to it. Oh, wait a minute...they haven't.
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