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Looking for books with space battles...

Hello, everyone.

I am looking for any books you can recommend that feature any decent starship battles or other space action. I've been in and out of Trek literature over the years, but it seems like there's been a ton of new, high quality material since I last read Trek.

Personally, I prefer the books that do not focus on TV series main characters, such as New Frontier, SCE, DTI and, hopefully Vanguard, which I haven't started yet. I am also really excited about all of the 24th century continuity post-Nemesis. I plan to read all the big arcs at some point, but for now I want spaceship pron.

(I just got into Star Trek Tactics, Fleet Captain and Attack Wing, so I would love something to keep me going between games, painting models and playing with pew-pew noises.)

I appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.
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