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Re: Kirk Enterprise - the Enterprise(a)?

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You're welcome to believe it's a fake, and no one has told you that you should believe otherwise. I, however, believe it's real, simply because the 0718 meme is too specific for some random faker to utilize. The number obviously has some special meaning to someone on the production staff; ergo, it was one of them who created this for the film before it got cut.
But what does that actually prove, though? If you're able to pick up on this meme, than so could anyone else.
I never said that it "proved" anything. I said that it was my rationale for thinking it was legit. Sure, any faker could superimpose a pic of a TOS Connie into that photo, but why label it with that specific number and name? Why not label it "U.S.S Constellation NCC-1017," or "U.S.S Constitution NCC-1700," or something similar? Why "U.S.S Biddeford NCC-0718?" It goes along with the 0718 meme of the movie, so I feel that someone involved with the film's production created it.
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