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Re: A thought on regenerations (spoilers for "Night/Day of the Doctor"

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*And at first we didn't even know what the Final Atrocity was that actually ended the War, correct?
For a long time I had been under the impression that the Time Lock was the thing that the Doctor did to end the war. The Daleks and Time Lords weren't really dead; they were just locked away, lost forever, and they might as well have been dead because there was no way to bring them back

I'm sure when that changed. It certainly didn't occur to me until relatively recently that the Doctor actually committed genocide.

And as it turned out, my original thought was actually what turned out to be the case. Even though the Doctor remembered it differently, he did in fact lock the Time Lords away, leaving them effectively dead to the universe.
Yea, I mentioned this myself a month or so back. It seems early on, either "Time Locked and impossible to unlock them, so might as well be dead" was standard impression (Or else, it was inconsistent, and sometimes said "Time Locked", and I remember that stronger than the "I killed My Entire Race"instances), but, yea, I'm pretty sure it's not until a couple/few Series in that it was consistently Killed, rather than at least sometimes just saying Time Locked

The detailed list of The Moment, The Nightmare Child, etc, didn't come until End of Time, right?
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