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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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This may sound equally dumb, but is there a definitive source for the official measurements?
Gary Kerr took physical measurements of the model and translated them into a set of plans back in 2005. I thought that a lot of that information was publicly available, but I don't seem to find any place that has it so I might be wrong about that. Kerr tends to not share a lot of this stuff openly, and if he doesn't want this in the public domain, then it most likely isn't.
Thanks Shaw for checking but yeah, Kerr's data isn't publicly available.

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Using the information I have I cross checked these plans against the measurements of the studio model, and they seem spot on. So these would be a better alternative to any other plans of the TMP Enterprise (if the actual studio model is what you want to use as a foundation).
Do you mind sharing what Kerr's measurements were on the Torpedo Bay and Dorsal? It's an interesting curve and it would be helpful to know where he measured the width and if he made multiple width measurements spanning the length of the torpedo bay and dorsal.

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Well judging by the storm which has apparently blown up around big Jim, it seems likely that these are indeed Kerr's plans.
Thanks for checking Shaw, I had originally thought that the Engineering Docking Port had been placed too high on Big Jim's plans, but it seems that Drexler's might have actually placed it too low!
Thanks for spotting the thread. There are some oddities like the botanical windows on the engineering hull not curving with the hull line above it and the docking port does feel a little too high as well. I'd have to give it a good comparison check to see how accurate it is.

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Actually, I don't think those plans are accurate, either. Here's why.

According to the plans the widest portion of the torpedo deck is the very front, but in photos from head-on you can see that that isn't the case, otherwise the very front of the assembly would always be visibly wider that what's behind it, and it ain't.
Yes, I noticed that too. I'm hoping Shaw might have more details on how that section was measured.
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