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Re: Judge Dredd 2012 movie.

A great movie Dredd is. I consider it one of the last great action films and right up there with the ranks of Terminator, Die Hard, Alien and all the oldie action movies which kicked ass and had real f*** yeah moments.

The best thing is the minimalist use of CGI, virtually everything you see (barring the 3D scenes) is either actual sets, actual props and actual effects. While the slow-mo scenes are really awesome, and Ma-Ma's death scene definitely belongs to some of the most iconic moments of the sci-fi film genre.

Also Dredd has very little BS in its presentation and its nice to see an actual practical outfit on a main female protagonist (instead of something sexy or a latex skin-tight suit). Finally Dredd has something which most films lack these days (even the new Trek movies I'm afraid to say suffer from this); atmosphere.

It's films like Dredd which keep up my hopes that there are some people out there who know what they're doing and know how to effectively use the plethora of tools, techniques and effects out there to make a movie.
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