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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

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she is still a beautiful design. There is a difference between looking like trash, and being unrefined or under-detailed.
1) In your opinion it's beautiful. It's an opinion I and many others don't necessarily share.

2) I said kludge, not trash. The attempts at homage are crude, and lack subtlety; while the overall attempts at a sleek "fast" look are undermined by the presence of numerous clunky elements and harsh angles (eg, the pointless stepped ventral saucer, indents in the saucer rim, giganto impulse drives, etc)

I'm sure that Mr Eaves was on a deadline, and am well aware of Berman and co.'s predilection for interfering in the design process. But IMO if he'd wanted to improve the Ent-E for Nemesis there are a multitude of areas he should have addressed. Slapping on a dozen extra torpedo launchers just doesn't cut the mustard.
For those determined to contort yourselves into knots so as to include every minor production flub as gospel, and shoehorn it into "cannnonnnnn": STOP. I don't have all day to waste on here; I quite like enjoying real life thankyouverymuch.
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