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Re: A thought on regenerations (spoilers for "Night/Day of the Doctor"

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As I said it's obvious the idea of Smith's Doctor being the last one is a fairly recent one, as a poster on Gallifrey Base pointed out.

For whatever reasons Moffat moved the goalposts again probably because it's the anniversary year and he just wanted to set up the next 50 years.
Was it ever actually stated that the poison that River used on the Doctor inhibited his ability to regenerate? When the Doctor asks the TARDIS interface he is merely told that his regeneration is disabled without further clarification; that could easily be because he doesn't have enough energy left to do so.

Also the Doctor may not be aware of how many lives he has left, but River Song probably does having studied the Doctor's various lives, she just can't tell him. So in that scene she lambastes the Doctor for using what remains of his regeneration energy to heal her wrist.

The final one is easily explained as it is the Teselecta that is simulating the regeneration effect.
River told him when she poisoned him that he couldn't regenerate. And the Doctor was in the Teselectra and he should know that couldn't regenerate.
Except she didn't; why else would the Doctor, after being poisoned and entering the TARDIS, say: "So, basically better regenerate, that's what you're saying", after he was told by the TARDIS interface that the poison had no known cure, only to be then told: "Regeneration disabled. You will be dead in thirty two minutes", by the interface. There's an assumption that one caused the other to not work, but the statements aren't necessarily directly linked other than by the current circumstances that had arisen.

It was a light show put on by the Teselecta to sell the idea that the Doctor was about to die to everyone else who didn't know, what else would everyone outside the Teselecta expect to see if a Time Lord was mortally wounded?

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