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Re: Small things you'd've liked to've happened in TNG

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Maybe Worf could have mixed it up a bit. We see him listening to a lot of Klingon opera, perhaps he'd have a taste for Heavy Metal. Lots of songs about battles and violence. Something like Saxon or Iron Maiden.
Enterprise's officers are shocked by Steppenwolf in First Contact movie, so we can easily imagine them finding Princess of the Night as noisy as Aktuh and Maylota. Post-TOS and TMP Klingons are defintely metalheadish (google Destruction - Sentence of Death and you will see the three brothers of Klaa) and the most kligonish 80's Metal band is definetly Manowar. (I can also imagine Chekov arguing that Aria influenced british bands like Saxon or Maiden.)

About Worf, I also feel he lacked of human culture. It's always the pattern "Damn, they're so ugly and it tastes like shit" and Worf happens to find it delicious and them beautiful. He could had been a huge fan of Slavic warrior stories or I don't

On the other hand, we have the so British Captain from Franche-Comté. There's no problem with the absence of French stereotypes, but he's not even able to say his name. At least, don't make him always drinking tea.
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