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Re: Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof should not Return.

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It seems to me, based on the definitions that I quoted above
In my experience, not all dictionaries are equally accurate. I tend to give Merriam-Webster greater weight than TheFreeDictionary.
Perhaps, but I did included an appropriate definition from Merriam-Webster and one from Oxford Dictionaries as well.

According to that definition, merely being imitative isn't enough to be a rip-off. The object in question must also either be exploitive, or be theft, or be "too much" like an original made by someone else.
They were clearly exploiting prior Trek. Not necessarily in a nasty or unfair way I'll grant you, but that isn't strictly required. The attempt at cleverness involves in large part how similar the two scenes are and the original work was made by someone else. I agree that "rip-off" is a harsh sounding term. But I don't see a show stopper, even if we restrict ourselves to less "hep" and "with-it" definition sources.

However I am not sure why you object to the TheFreeDictionary meaning. A number of posters seem to accept that the term "rip-off" can be applied to stories etc. The main difficulty seems to be appreciating how it can be used within a franchise and that has been covered.

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I think two things cemented that Kirk and Spock were friends in Star Trek Into Darkness: Kirk not allowing Spock to die on Nibiru and that Kirk wanted Spock reinstated as his first officer when asking for his command back (and Spock accepted). I think Spock felt the same way but simply didn't know how to show it.
I think Kirk would have tried to save any member of his crew and the bit about Spock leaving Kirk behind if their positions were reversed seems to show how tenuous their relationship still was. Moreover why wouldn't Kirk want, potentially at least, the best first officer in the fleet?

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That they bickered like an old married couple cemented it for me. And Kirk's long-suffering "of course you do" when Spock informed him, immediately after accepting his assignment back, that he "must strongly object to our mission parameters"
Weren't you recently complaining about the use of unfortunate stereotypes.
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