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Re: Mars One - Unethical?

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Everybody is going to die some time or another. Would you rather do it on Earth or Mars?
On Earth. I think it's more than enough that we ruined one planet. We ought to tidy up out own home before we visit the neighbourhood.

Mars 1 sounds like a thrilling idea but I agree in the suspicion that it's just a big rip-off (is that the right word?? I mean something like a scam, a trick to get peoples' money)

Given the immense density of objects in our orbit that make launching larger space vessels more difficult every day, I suggest that we should rather start building a gigant vacuum cleaner (most literally, in this case). Hopefully with a little more durability than the infamous Spaceball 1 model.

As a hobby astronomer I'd really appreciate it if the space debris got reduced. It's highly annoying when you try to take a snap of - for example - Europa and at that very moment the darned ISS tool bag passes by. (It's small but at times reflects the sunlight, ruining the photo completely)
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