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Re: Is Watson the most advanced super computer in existence?

my appologies if I make a point that perhaps was already mentioned. I must admit I didn't read the whole thread since I have a pretty bad cold and it's getting close to bedtime over here.

What I would like to add to the discussion is:

Can a computer ever excel human intelligence? (Cynicists may ask: is there any such thing at all but let's leave that aside atm, please)

There's an old IT proverb "a computer is always as smart as two people: its programmer and its user."
That would imply that a computer can not be smarter than his programmer.
Or could it? In that case the programmer would have to program the computer to be smarter than himself. But how does one do that??

(Just so that you know what you might perhaps have to explain to me in greater detail here are my "personal specifications"
My own experience with programming is both extensive (regarding the timespan) and limited (as far as my abilities are concerned). I started way back in the 70s with BASIC and over the course of 40 years worked my way up to PHP and HTML. Programming in the modern languages doesn't hold much appeal to me, though. I much prefer the more direct contact to the computer that BASIC offered. I have no immediate experience with fuzzy logic and systems that have an ability to learn unless you count that I was one of Alice's many teachers and training partners.)
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