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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

BK613 beat me to it. Yes, the banana curved torpedo bay "roof" of the DE CGI model is one of the worst offenders, IMHO.

One can also spot other inaccuracies comparing the image segment of the DE CGI with the actual VFX model:

IMHO, the above picture (courtesy ILM-The Art of Special Effects) has wiggle room estimating the width of the dorsal (due to the ovoid nature of the dorsal).

The observed width of the dorsal in the TUC screencap follows the same rules that have been known since the Renaissance: An object (here: dorsal) behind another object (here: front of torpedo bay) will always appear smaller than it actually is in real life.

The way I see it the guys doing the DE CGI rendering didn't really take this into account. But unless I'm mistaken their CGI refit Enterprise was mostly used for long-distance shots, so it probably didn't require that much accuracy.

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