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Re: Rain Robinson (Sarah Silverman)

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Hell, I wrote four Underworld novels . . . and once caught a glimpse of Beckinsale at the premiere of the first movie. She was not, however, killing lycans at the time.
You've written four UnderWorld novels, you say? A fictitious universe upon which to elaborate and expand upon ... A perk of which being, sharing the Red Carpet with the likes of Kate Beckinsale! A not displeasing chore, sir!

I, on the other hand, never met any celebrities. Unless you call one of Philly's former mayor's and PA's former governor Ed "Fast Eddie" Rendell a celebrity? I was at the El stop, heading into work one day, whilst Eddie was on the campaign trail and decided to shake hands with everybody as they approached the turnstyle.

I tried to hurry past him, but he thrusts his thick, meaty hand at me and I just dart past him, as I rush for the waiting train. He had this look that told me I just committed a major faux pas. Well, you know what? That's what you get for not being Sarah Silverman! And quit bugging people on their way to work ...
It Takes Two.
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